Thursday, January 22, 2015

randy the pig


This is a story of a little pet pig who wants to go home, but isn't allowed to due to a case of a bad bad animal shelter behaviour. Instead of me writing about the sad case of little Randy and his unfortunate current situation I will just implore you to read his story at this link (where you will also find additional information and a petition to sign).

I believe the story to be true, but you of course have to decide for yourself after reading his story from people who know him. From my own experience as a breeder of British Shorthair cats I know I'd be heartbroken if this happened to any of the kittens I'd sold. And a wee pig is most likely a more delicate creature than an often more resourceful cat.

So if you too want to bring Randy the pig home, you can also view his Facebook page and tweet about him with the hashtag #bringrandythepighome


Growing Up Gramma said...

Thank you so much Pia!! Poor little Randy needs to come home and we need all the help and signatures on the petition we can get! I know you completely understand what Dawn is going through.

The Moose said...

Thank you Pia! This has been one of the hardest weeks of my life, I did not know I could cry so much. I am just a mom, that loves her kids, husband and pets and never dreamed I would be in this position. Randy is loved and wanted and does not deserve to be treated as a pawn to make a point. Please help us Bring Randy Home by following the links Pia has provided. Thank you again Pia, it means the world to me, Dawn

Unknown said...

Thank you!

Growing Up Gramma said...

If anyone wants more information, about Randy, Dawn, and another happy little piggy Randy's brother, Norman, you can go here

Thanks again Pia!!!

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