Sunday, January 04, 2015

waste sorting for biofuel

waste sorting for biofuel

This week my community association (samfällighetsförening) will begin the waste sorting with a separate waste bin for us to throw our separate food waste. Some tenements buildings in my municipality have already been doing this for some years but during 2015 most households in the municipality will be commited to this.

Most likely most of us who live in our own houses have composts, but for people like me who don't  - though I still fertilize my flower beds with veggie peels and juicer waste, just not in a very organized compost way - it's a great way to contribute to a greener, better world with the opportunity to finally turn the waste into biofuel! Better late than never and one good way to start a brand new year.

Along with the bags and bag-holder came the information leeflet, with the most befitting title "Hur svårt kan det va'?" (How hard can it be?) - something more people on this planet should ask themselves really. In so many ways and areas of life.

How do you sort your waste?
Do you have a private compost or
are you offered biofuel-waste management?

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