Saturday, January 31, 2015

the semmelwrap

the semmelwrap

More often than not Stockholm is so hip(ster) it's ridiculous. 

The latest thing everyone talks about is the new version of the classic Swedish semla (lenten bun), namely the 'semmelwrap'. Created by bakery Tössebageriet and just what it sounds like; a semla turned into a wrap instead of a cardamom wheat bun. Filled with almond pasted and whipped cream and easy to eat on the go.

Though why anyone would like to eat a semla on the go is of course a question in itself.

Ever since the version was launched a couple of weeks ago the queues have been long outside the bakery in question. And other bakeries come up with their new versions, like hamburger-semla, hot dog-semla and hemla. In fact there has been a veritable semla war between hip bakers in Stockholm as well as vivid discussions amongst PR analysts regarding marketing and content. Yup really. Read more about it in this article (only in Swedish).

Apparently I felt a need to try this semmelwrap myself. So before our "usual" Saturday breakfast we went to Tössebageriet to buy some. They opened at 9 am, we got there at 8.55. There was already a queue outside. Oh Stockholm, sometimes you really are too much.

So what did I think of the wrap? Well, it was lighter and not as filling as the classic semla. Rather nice, but too much whipped cream (and un-evenly distributed so when you reach the end it was dry bread only) and too sugary almond paste. Ie not the least bit similar to the Stockholm Super Semla.

Sure it was practical to eat, but I prefer the classic seml and the slow procedure of eating it. And I will certainly not ever again stand in a long line to get one.

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Aodhnait said...

Wow this pastry sounds good!

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