Friday, January 23, 2015

yellow lemon heart

the organic lemon heart

What do you do when life hands you organic lemons?
Well, colour match them with bobbaloos of course!

Also I read such an interesting piece - on LinkedIn of all places, it's in Swedish but I'm sure you can get the same info by googling - about the benefit of lemons and lemon water. And since I do feel a bit blah, pale, listless and frumpy - yup that too - at the moment despite good food and my supplements - it has indeed been a long dark winter and it's far from over... - I thought I'd give it an organic go.

Heart bowl by ceramist friend Lena

1 comment:

Poppy Q said...

I always have lemons on hand to make a risotto. I use chicken, but I think mushrooms would make a good vegetarian alternative. A good hearty meal.

Julie Q

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