Sunday, January 25, 2015

reading by rota


Yesterday I learnt about a rather brilliant concept I hadn't known about - thank you Instagram - but which I've sort of been practicing forever (granted in a less structured way), namely reading by rota.

Ie read lots of books simultaneously but only one chapter per book at a time, then put it at the bottom in the currently reading-pile and read one chapter in the top book. Continue until finished.

When I read - and not when I am in the lost reading mojo mood - I always read several books. Of different genres, in Swedish and English, in different sizes, to fit my mood and time of day. But I have never done the one chapter at the time only concept before. I will start now. Reading by rota. Because it seems like a great way to actually finish abooks that give you a certain resistence but not so much that you will put the book away completely.

Although, the two books above which I also got yesterday, Amanda Hellberg's latest and Erin Kelly's debut novel, they will most likely not play a part of my current rota. Because I just have to finish them asap. Since they both seem awfully compelling! 

I loved Hellberg's previous supernatural suspense novels and after reading the first half of this one I'm certainly not disappointed so far.

Then, then I will continue a strict schedule in my reading by rota. Because I'm quite quite smitten by the concept.

How do you read, one book at a time or several?
What are your current read/s?


Poppy Q said...

Oh my gosh, that would drive me crazy. I am strictly a one read at a time girl. Although occasionally I will read a Kindle book at work and another at home, I find I never really get into either story, so now I cart my book back and forth to work each day to read at lunchtime.

Julie Q

CrimsonAnna said...

Don't think that would suit me. I'm reading two books at a time, "Wolf Hall" by Hilary Mantel in swedish, and "War of the dwarves" (fantasy) in english. Some evenings, I'm just to tired to read english, which isn't my native tounge.

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