Friday, January 02, 2015

new year, new glasses

new glasses

January 2, 2015 - another day of mixed matters. At least today they were more of the fine than foul kind, compared to yesterday.

  • The computer issue solved itself with minimal help from me today. I am so utterly and deeply grateful for that. No more such nonsense, please. And well, I most likely need to relax a bit over such matters, they're more often than not not as bad as one might think at first sight. I should have learnt that after +25 years with computers...
  • It was time to get new glasses and what better way to start a new year with an appointment at the optrician really? With a clear sight in to the future etc etc. Glad to learn that my eye sight hadn't changed much these past 3,5 years since I bought my dotty lovelies, but with them being *bit* worn and scratched I needed fresh pairs (although I will replace the glasses in the dotty ones sometime soon too). To be honest the vast selection of frames at SmartEyes isn't as cool as it was a few years back. There are nothing remotely similar to the dotty ones - for which my love is deep - but I'm glad that one pair of the ones I looked at 1,5 years ago was still around. I chose from 5-6 pairs and then I was down to 3 and eventually 2. All will be revealed in a week or so when I can pick them up. Upon publishing the above picture on Instagram, after ordering the new frames, the comments showed the followers have the same taste as I. Would you care to guess which two pairs I chose (the dotty ones at the bottom are obviously my current pair)?
  • Then I had a lunch date at Falafelbaren - where upon arrival I fell flat on a scary slippery floor. It was like the giant princess cake all over again, just indoors and the fabulous happy coat needs a good dry cleaning alas. But things could have gone so so much worse so I suppose I should be grateful for that. The proprietors apologized profusely for their slippery floor, something they apparently were aware of, but no compensation was offered. I would have been happy for a free lunch really. Now I hope they will change that floor to a more appropriate one asap and that noone else have a fall accident with a nastier outcome.
  • Apart from that the lunch and the company was very good. That bode well for lots of more great lunches this year I'd say, hooray! One day I will write a blog post about the awesomeness of good lunches, both from a professional and a social point of view. Watch this space.
  • The days also held an investment in more organic cotton yarn, not that I exactly need more cotton yarn, but with the amigurumi owls project I have going on and the colour nerd I am I can't stop thinking about colour combinations and organic is good. I also bought a massive one kilo of stuffing. Because in the end amigurumis almost always demands more stuffing that you might think.
All and all, more good than bad today. Things are moving in the right direction. Touch wood and a brand new year.

yarn and stuffing

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Carissa McHolme said...

Haha "New Year, New Vision" :)

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