Monday, January 19, 2015

the new glasses 2015

glasses 2015

The glasses I ordered have arrived and been picked up. And this is what they look like.

It's quite a revelation when you try them on for the first time with prescription glass in them. SInce when you're so nearsighted that you're practically blind as a bat without glasses/lenses the finer details of certain frames can't be seen when you try them out. Which I am.

glasses 2015

When I tried them out I was so happy that the red/beige frame ones were still available a year and a half later. The choice was easy. But now when they have prescription glasses in them I realise the shape (not visible in picture) of the frames makes the glass a bit too much, in a way that makes me tad dizzy because everything is too clear. If that makes sense? Also for perfection I think they should have been slightly wider and less high for my face. Details details.

glasses 2015

On the other hand, I love the blue/teal ones. They fit great and I have no issues with the shape, size or glass. They go well with my eye colour too, which is a funny little thing I've never thought or seen in glasses before.

So far I've worn the red ones once and that went well, despite slight dizziness. I will most certainly not give up my beloved dotty ones, but they need new unscratched prescription glass soon. It's fantastic really that you can get such good value for money when you get glasses these days. Not ridiculously cheap, but really affordable. I remember glasses to be crazy expensive when I was in my late teens and bought my first pair. Such a good development for us with poor eye sight (who are not so fond of contact lenses) and a love for quirky design.

glasses 2015
Glasses from smarteyes


CrimsonAnna said...

Now I'm even more in the mood for a new pair of glasses. I want a pair which says "Talk nerdy to me" :)

Unknown said...

I love the colors of the new glasses. I have had many pairs over the years, as I started wearing them at age 4. I think the most memorable were the ones I had when I was six. They were plaid.

Unknown said...

Those glasses look fantastic! They are sleek, and have really interesting colors and designs for their frames. Anyway, it’s great that they were still available when you needed a new pair. Thanks for sharing!

Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes

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