Sunday, February 22, 2015

on the pia day 2015

prosit ord & bild ab office

My name day of 2015 was unpretentious but rather sweet - and unlike last year I wasn't the least bit sniffly -

  • I got a lovely T-shirt with a pineapple print - a life without a pineapple tee, bah humbug! 
  • I had fika with a cute carrot cake - although why do they insist in slicing it way before serving, obviously it does get dry in the display without a cover.
  • I had to work - writing copy for a bicycle dealer. And I dream of a really pretty new bike, but I know I'm not really big on biking so it's most likely not worth the money. My pink bike will do for me still.
  • While working I enjoyed my first tulips (locally grown climate compensated ones of course) of the year alongside a swell, as usual, soy latte.
  • I also managed to spruce up the Prosit website, by following instructions and common sense only. And figuring things out myself, even though I'm so not interested in coding and such, is quite rewarding. I like to keep things simple still, less is more, but now it's at least a responsive website and easy to read and navigate on a smartphone too. Welcome to Prosit's new and improved website ~

carrot cake

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