Thursday, February 12, 2015

fishing cat tea strainer

fishing tea cat strainer

It's not a new tea strainer and it has made its appearance in blog before. Bit still, it's one of my favourite strainers - the fishing cat. It makes tea moments a bit more fun, as if drinking tea wasn't fun enough. And the tea best enjoyed in a big glass, not a cup. Obviously.

This time the tea held the Dutch rooibos green cranberry I wrote about the other day. It turned out to be a lovely lovely flavourful tea. Highly recommended if you're able to snatch it up somehow. Maybe they have a webshop that ships abroad.

I bought the kitty tea strainer on Åland but I'm not sure about the brand, I think it's from Jo!e, the same brand I got the fabulous little red grater from, I'm however not able to find it on their website.

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