Sunday, February 15, 2015

a good pillowcase is hard to find

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I recently bought a couple of new pillows, from my favourite pillow brand -

kungsängen pillow

vegan pillows that always get top marks in consumer tests. And vegan simply means there are no animal cruelty involved in the making of them. Like there always is when it comes to down pillows and duvets. Not to mention down clothes and accessories. But you already knew that, right? Right. -

KungSängen. This time one of the pillows is a so called reading pillow ie a supersized pillow for best comfort when half-lying in bed reading. A regular pillow in Sweden is apparently 60 x 50 cm, this one is 60 x 80 cm. Who knew it would be close to impossible to find good pillowcases in that size in Sweden?

I ended up buying a pair of colourful, organic cotton ones from Gudrun Sjödén. Unfortunately they are 80 x 80 cm so I'll have to sew them down to a smaller size. Which I guess is a luxuary problem. Still, I'm amazed that the pillowcase market in Sweden is so conformed. That something as seemingly simple as a good pillowcase can be so hard to find.

bed linen

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