Saturday, February 14, 2015

three lipsticks


I've been feeling rather winter blah lately. Listless, sallow and frumpy. I do realise that's likely not how others would describe me, but still that's how I feel. 

So in order to perk myself up, to feel less grey, I thought a bit of make up would help. Which I, apart from the essential bare minerals foundation, rarely can be bothered to wear (and nailpolish doesn't really count). It's just too time consuming and it smudges. 

I've got a new elaborate mascara that, like all others, promise miracles. Haven't worn it yet. The miracle will have to wait for my right mood.

I have however searched for a decent sheer lipstick. To use instead of my regular, favourite Hurraw lip balm. I've come to terms with the fact I will never be comfortable with bright red lips (although it looks good in photos), thus I look for other hues. That gives a more natural result but still adds a bit of colour omph. With a sheer feel and not lots of colour pigments, which I find plain inconvenient when you eat and drink.

The one I really would enjoy isn't available in Sweden, so these three I've decided on after recommendations. It's still a jungle out there if you want to find decent cruelty free make up. Which is of course crazy in this day and age.

If these three brands aren't complete liars they are all cruelty free. And the one I got today, une, is organic too. Looking forward trying it out. It's a lovely dark pink  sheer colour.

The other two are one autumn brown/pink (more brown than is visible in pic) from Finnish brand Lumene and a paler pink from Swedish brand Make Up Store. The Lumene one smells lovely too and is very enjoyable to wear. I feel at least a little bit less frumpy with it.

What's your favourite lipstick brand? 
Or do you prefer lipgloss?


Poppy Q said...

I love the trend of bright lips, but alas it looks a bit silly on me. I quite like Maybelline Whisper lipsticks as they are moist without being sticky and don't have a horrible taste. Also burt bees crayons for a bit of matt colour.

I am sure yours will look lovely on Miss Pia.

Unknown said...

nice shades of lipstick.
I usually use a bit of lip gloss.
Lately though, being winter, I have been using Berts Bees, which is a color tinted lip balm.

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