Friday, February 06, 2015

say hello to the earviator

the red earviator

Or, you never get too old for wearing a cat hat!

When The North Circular - you know, the company who knitted the darlin' innocent bobble hat - announced 40 % sale on Instagram the other month I knew I had to get this fabulous cat cap. Or as they brilliantly call it, earviator hat. Needless to say it was the cat ears that called my name. I've always wanted a cap with ears, but have never found one that's more stylish than childish. Not to mention I've not managed to knit one that doesn't look silly.

the red earviator

I'm so happy I chose it in red (it comes in off-white, black and electric purple too), it's such an uplifting colour - and no I don't think it makes you look devilish. Just like the innocent bobble hat, the earviator is handmade with love by gran Shirley of Devon.

the red earviator

I also bought the knitting book "A good yarn" which apart from lots of inspiring patterns (for different levels of skill) and lovely photos also tells the story of The North Circular brand, the women behind it and their values. Obviously I had to get my copy signed.

the red earviator

Shopping at its best, handmade, quirky, slowfashion far from the cheap, massproduced wear and tear stuff you find in the high street stores.

Knitting brings the world together and soothes the soul.

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