Monday, February 23, 2015

ode to the clever slip

the slip

I have always regarded slips as something frumpy and granny style (in the worst sense of the word). Until about five years ago when I realised, don't remember why it happen, they are indeed very clever little garments. When in good quality they make your dresses, blouses and skirts look better and smoother when worn. You never have to deal with that annoying gap between top and skirt if you wear a slip. And despite being light and airy they actually offer an extra layer of warmth in winter and keep you cool in summer. (Well in the hottest of summers I don't wear them either.)

So I have to admit that my views on the slip have drastically changed. I think they're pretty awesome and not frumpy at all. Granny perhaps, but only in the very best sense of great practicality and comfort.

the slip

I usually buy my slips at favourite shop bric-a-brac, on sales because there are some serious money to be saved there. Their slips are made in viscose and come in two different colours every season plus always black and white. Obviously I usually go for the colours, but this white one was the only one left in my size so I couldn't be picky with it.

Hey, slip, I'm so glad I finally realised how awesome you really are. Thank you for making dressing so much more uncomplicated.

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Poppy Q said...

I am not a dress or skirt girl, and gave up wearing a slip when I was about 10. Yours looks nice though Miss Pia, more retro than granny.

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