Saturday, February 28, 2015

hey ranunculus

in the garden

2015 - the year i actually managed to both remember AND buy ranunculus early in the season. it's so much nicer when there are lots to chose from.

i heart ranunculus, yet i most always forget to buy or are unable to find them. now i've got not only one but three beauties that will adorn the office window sill. alongside the happy lights. remember the importance of beauty and inspiration.

in the garden

naturally they've undergone paw inspection. and passed. now i just have to water them really often. that is not my forte. but i will do my very best for them to live a long and prosperous life on the prosit office spring windowsill.


Elephant's Child said...

On the other side of the world some of our ranunculas are out of the ground already. Too early. Way too early (though I also love them).

Feisty Harriet said...

Some of my favorite flowers!!


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