Saturday, February 21, 2015

the update of ios

the iphone photo collection

spent about six (!) rather hellish (in a superficial sense) hours last night trying to update the ios on iphone. to be honest i find that unacceptable. 

of course it's a luxuary problem, but somewhere someone is making a lot of money because of users never questioning bugs or problems with computers and smartphones. and especially apple fantatics i'd say, who never ever seem to question their overpriced products.

let's just say that after this ridiculously timeconsuming ios update - and i still find that apps have been deleted, others don't work and other weird details - i'm seriously thinking of getting an android next time a new smartphone is necessary. also those good ones do have better optics than iphone which also is a major plus. 

on the bright side - after not being able to do this update for 1,5 years since there wasn't enough storage on phone to do it (me and my plethora of photos...) - it is like discovering a new phone. which is rather fun. even if i find some changes to be more than a tad nuisance i find others to be charming. like this wee thing above, the collection of photos in the photoalbum. a mosaic of then and now, a little chronological glimpse of my life since 2011 (the oldest photo saved is apparently since then). 

also, how awesome is it to be able to block certain phone numbers? a lot of awesome as far as i'm concerned. sales people and call centers bye bye. because, as we all well know by now, a smartphone isn't for calling. in fact, i do believe that 2015 is the year when calling is banned on smartphones. 

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