Friday, February 27, 2015

prosit got balls!

the prosit office lighting

If I had balls they would look like this.

Wait, I do have balls and they do look like this!

Can you tell I'm really super excited about my new office lights? So for the second post in a row, colourful balls it is. With colour matching bobbaloos for most colours except for violet. Something that clearly needs rectifying.

I attached the balls to the lighting fixture, which took some time but when you got a hang (no pun intended I'm sure) of it it was fairly easy to do, got some help with the hooks and hey presto, the window, the office and the mood is lifted.

the prosit office lighting

Turned out the light-strand is much longer than I wanted or expected after asking in the shop, so long in fact that it frames the whole window and windowsill. But guess what, it looks amazing that way.

The problem now is that I would love to have more colourful balls of light in this house, at least two more rooms would greatly benefit, probably three really.

Prosit got balls and that makes me really really happy. And proud.

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