Tuesday, February 03, 2015

the green piece of the seasonal coat puzzle

the green coat

By getting this weather proof spring/autumn coat - although I could wear it right now with a woolly jumper too - in a classic model on sale recently I do believe I can say, for the first time in my life actually, I am now outer gear covered (no pun intended) for all types of Scandindinavian seasons and weathers. The missing piece of the overgear wardrobe puzzle has been acquired.

How crazy is that, that it has taken x amount of decades before I could utter those words? Yes I know, I would love to have a second colourful winter coat in the same style as the fabulous happy coat so I don't have to encumber it alone all winter long. But who knows when such an opportunity might rise? And it's not that I'm in desperate need for one. If I'm honest, I do have less gorgeous looking but still warming winter jackets to wear too. For which I'm grateful.

How about you, are you totally covered on the outside for all types of weather for where you live, all year around?
And do you have a favourite coat?


CrimsonAnna said...

I'm rather covered, though it will take a while before I can wear my poppy red trench coat. Perfect length, perfect size and just fun =)

Poppy Q said...

I bought a couple of coats to wear last winter, a black padded parka and a blue tartan wool coat and rotate them.

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