Monday, February 16, 2015

tedx stockholm differentia 2015, part I


On a glorious but horribly freezing cold day I spent close to six hours indoors alongside +400 attendees listening to TEDxStockholm talks with the topic being Differentia2015.

Out of the 10 speakers I enjoyed six and four not so much. There was also a very entertaining part where the International Improvisation Theatre Stockholm did an impro.

TEDxStockholm - Differentia2015

But seriously, close to six hours and 10 speakers, that was far too long and far too many at one session. When my mind has had time to think things through I'll make a short recap of the talks.


The grand building to the left, Södra teatern (The South Theatre) was the venue.

Now I'm going to take my very full and tired brain to bed and sleep for about 10 hours. tT least.

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