Tuesday, February 10, 2015

three tasty things dutch

food and drink at home

This is what M brought home from his latest (very frequent) business trip to the Netherlands (I know Holland is technically the wrong name for the whole country, but to be honest it's a much nicer name, I wish it could be used without being afraid of being busted by the geography police).

Tony's chocolonely - fairtrade hazelnut milk chocolate. "Crazy about chocolate serious about people"  love that copy! And the chocolate was really lovely too. Not overly sweet and very chocolately. Since a couple of years I've basically stopped eating candy because I think it's a waste of calories that can be better spent. With the exception of gifts like this or when I make or get something homemade.

I obviously don't count fika, buns and cakes as candy. They're simply health for the soul. Plus as far as I'm concerned in moderation they have a rightful place in a healthy diet.

food and drink at home

The stroopwafels I've written about before. Believe it or not, since then I've definitely grown tired of them. Despite them being a rather rare treat I find the too sweet and overwhelming these day. But everyone isn't like me so I find they're a good sweet to give away.

Their sibling the stroopkoeken is much much nicer! Not nearly as sweet and very similar to shortbread (which I love) but glued together with toffee. Most likely I would grow tired of them too if had too often. But for now, very enjoyble indeed.

food and drink at home

And then there were these organic rooibos teas from Dutch tea merchant Simon Lévelt. One cinnamon the other one green cranberry. The cinnamon smells like cranberry and there's no cinnamon just a very sharp tang of something undescribable. Not my cup of tea at all. The green cranberry smells gorgeously of flowers and fruits and is quite lovely to drink.

Yay for good tea, chocolate and biscuits!

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