Thursday, September 10, 2015

a bowl of chai oatmeal porridge

I used to love making oatmeal porridge for breakfast, lunch or simple dinner. But after skipping dairy products I have been reluctant to do it, eating it with plantbased milk. It is perfectly fine to cook and bake with, eating it cold is admittedly an acquired taste after so many years of dairy - which I can't stand the taste of anymore, so that's at least a good thing.

But then I saw a recipe for chai porridge on Instagram and it sounded so lovely I couldn't resist trying it out. And it turned out lovely! And the cold oat milk in chai flavour was perfect with it. I added a dollop of raspberry jam for more flavour and I think my old favourite apple sauce would be great too.

C h a i   o a t m e a l   p o r r i d g e
1 serving

1 dl oatmeal
1 sliced banana
some grated fresh ginger
pinch of salt
pinch of cardamom
a handful of seed (sunflower, hemp, pumpkin)
2,5 dl Oatly Chai milk

Mix in a pot, slowly boil for a few minutes.
Serve with cold plantbased milk and a dollop of jam for more flavour.

Kind to your body, the nature and the animals - and not least, tastes lovely!

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