Friday, September 18, 2015

cheers, friday!

As I said after the first use of the new, "powerful" blender I was *a bit* disappointed about the lack of excellent ice crushing and overall blending.

Tried it again today, started with the ice cubes alone and that was just a sad mess. The frozen banana cuts didn't work either. And I ended up simply having to wait until everything thawed in the blender before I could finish making the smoothie (same as the last one).

Very disappointing so I'll return the blender and look for a better one that actually can deliver the results it says.

I've gotten four recommendations of great blenders, in the price range of a long weekend abroad for two (yes really!) to a very reasonable sum. As I usually use a blender about twice a week buying the super-expensive super-blender isn't really an option. But I get it's a smart idea if you're a blendoholic (in the nicest of vegan ways of course) and have the budget for it.

Myself I'll opt for the reasonably priced one. It has an ice crushing function and has gotten great reviews so it seems like a no brainer to me. Plus, to be honest, for me a long weekend trip is a much nicer notion than a super-blender lasting (hopefully) 30 years...

Cheers, weekend!

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