Tuesday, September 29, 2015

dermalogica ultracalming skincare update

It's been almost a year since I first began using Dermalogica skincare. I know I've gotten a few recommendations of the brand before and I think it's a great company, with mostly vegan products and all cruelty free. Plus their foundation and social projects. I just haven't gotten around to buying any products.

Apart from the small sized bottles I got last year I've continued to use Kiehl's facial products, even though they do lack all the moisture my skin craves they've been "good enough". Until now, now I've invested in a few bottles and jars from Dermalogica instead. And hopefully this winter will be easier to cope with skinwise.

On the street in Berlin where dear Cafe im Literaturhaus is situated and the hotel we stayed in last summer there is also a Dermalogica flagship store. I went past it pretty much every day but I never had the guts to go in, it looked so big and clinical and somehow that is a bit off-putting to be honest, not inviting. Plus I thought that the brand prices probably doesn't differ all that much within Europe.

That said, not the bottles are bought. I'm *slightly* poorer from a monetary point of view, but richer when it comes to compassionate products and skincare. The skin does feel a bit softer and supple so far, not sure that will last when the weather will get colder. But at least it won't be worse than it has been these last few years. I use the ultracaling cleanser, serum and intensive moisture balance cream.

The small bottles are from a special gift you got when you bought two normal sized products, with microfoliant and recovery masque that will come perfect for the season.

Mmm, looking forward to a good skin winter.

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Poppy Q said...

I love the dermalogica gel cleanser. Once I got the cleanser right, I found that any moisturiser was ok. However the past year or two my skin had got quite dry and rough. I have been trying something from an Aussie brand called Alpha H - https://www.tvsn.co.nz/include/oecgi2.php/category?category=72072 I use the liquid gold instead of a normal moisturiser. It goes on a little pad and is quite watery, you use it every 2nd night and now my skin is soft and like it was 10 years ago, a great improvement on what it was.


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