Saturday, September 05, 2015

from holmes to sherlock

I'm surprised at how much I like this Swedish biography-ish book about Sherlock Holmes by Mattias Boström. Because a) even if I do enjoy a bit of the older move adaptions of SH now and then and of course the latest Sherlock TV-series I've mostly found the character really annoying. And b) I may have been a bit intrigued by the book but I mainly bought it because it was on sale.

Little did I know I would be smitten from page one. It's written in a rather endearingly patronizing way combined with dry humour and interesting facts about pretty much everything Sherlockian from the author Conan Doyle and his sources of inspiration up to how the 21st century Sherlock-series came by. I'm appalled at the lack of copyrights before the early 1900s and I had no idea just how extremly popular teh Sherlock Holmes stories were back when it all began.

Of course I have no idea if I'll love the book through all its massive 460 pages, I'm only 1/4 in to it yet. But I'm impressed by the clearly well researched story and all the little factual tidbits through the centuries. It's strangely enough quite an exciting read, like a suspense novel in itself.

Don't know if it has been or is planned to be translated in to other languages. But if you're lucky enough to read Swedish I, 125 pages in, do recommend it.

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Unknown said...

That sounds very interesting....At the moment, one of our Public Broadcasting TV stations are playing a Biography of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who wrote the original books! Iam finding that very interesting!

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