Tuesday, September 22, 2015

miss peregrine's peculiar children books

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I bought a bunch of books in May. And of those seven seen in the picture one was a present and three and a half I've read so far. Of which one I didn't like, yet I'd already bought the sequel when I realised it was incredibly overrated (and with too much animal cruelty involved, yes I'm talking about Peter May's "The Blackhouse" of course) and one was alright even if not very memorable as such (The Good House) and one I absolutely adored. And that one is the what this blogpost is about.

"Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children" by Ransom Riggs isn't like any other book I've read. I don't care that it's supposedly a book for "young adults", it just draws you in from teh first page and refuses to leave you once you've read the last sentence. It's a quirky, ingenious read that uses old, creepy photos to create a wonderful multilayered horror story.

I'm currently reading the sequel "Hollow city" and half way through I love this one too. Looking forward to the third books in the series being released in pocket in Swedish, "Library of souls". Yes, usually I prefer to read books written in English in their original language, but sometimes I share the books with my mum and then they get read in Swedish instead. And this series is of excellent translation (which sadly is far from often the case).

So if you haven't read these peculiar books yet, you really really should!

books, 2015 -


Elephant's Child said...

I also really liked Miss Peregrine's Home. And will get, and read, the sequels.

Poppy Q said...

I was a bit ho hum about Miss Peregrines Home - it wasn't spooky enough for me. So many good books to read, I hope you enjoy thme.

Julie q

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