Monday, September 07, 2015

refusing autumn

Here stands I, refusing to give in to autumn. Finally finding a day to inaugurate that excellent Marimekko shirtdress, which sadly neither occasion nor weather has allowed until now. Bare legs, yellow shoes, cardigan no coat, drinking a summery drink and adamantly refusing to  welcome autumn. 

Admittedly it was a bit nippy in the air at first. But if you walk on the sunny side of the streets you could not guess it was nearly the middle of September already. I do hope there'll be many more days like this still. I love Indian summers!

And I have no idea why it's the same story every year, so many Swedish people put on thick clothes, scarves, quilted jackets (yes really!) and winter boots pretty much as soon as their own holidays are over (which often is early August). Talk about missing out on natural vitamin D and a good part of our short summer season. If there is such a thing as the glass is half empty-people this attitude would certainly fall into that description. I know, Swedes are not the only ones giving up summer too early in the season, but to be honest, sadly we're not a very happy and content people, for all sorts of reasons. The signs are everywhere and that's heart wrenching really. The world is in desperate need of States of Wellbeing, but where do we begin? With refusing autumn?

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