Tuesday, September 08, 2015

say hello to the blender

Finally a powerful blender in my kitchen!

I was superexcited to use it the first time and of course I had to inaugurate it with a try of recreating that fantastic raw chocolate smoothie from Copenhagen. 

My first experience with the blender was unfortunately not a completely positive one. Mainly because it did not crush the ice cubes as easily as it was suppose to. 

Of course I did put every ingredient (banana, ice, dates, raw cacao nibs) in all at once, it might have been better to just have started with ice cubes only. 

Also the dates didn't completely blend either. That aside I did put too many dates in and the smoothie was too sweet for my palate. Plus I had though the raw cacao nibs would turn into that awesome chocolate drink as at 42Raw but it was more like a liquid version of my vegan banana-chocolate ice cream. Although nice, not exactly what I had looked forward to. 

I will have to look for other kinds of raw cacao products to blend in instead. And definitely add less dates next time. Plus hope the ice gets properly crushed if I start with that first and separately. Because it's such a brilliant, tasty, healthy smoothie idea. It only needs tweaking to perfection.

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