Sunday, September 06, 2015

organic chocolate from mulaté

Stumbled over these gorgeous, organic chocolates from Mulaté - a Lithuanian chocolatier - at my favourite Växplats Nybyn earlier this year. Didn't buy any then, but later I got three of the packages.

Spices - dark chocolate with cinnamon, vanilla and cayenne pepper. Sadly it was not one of those dark chocolate ones that proves to my palate that dark chocolate can be enjoyable and I will certainly not buy that one again. If you enjoy dark chocolate you will probably like it though. It's likely vegan but "can contain traces of milk".

Peanut - dark milk chocolate (whatever that means) with peanut butter and salt. Nice but not spectacular or really memorable.

Tahini - dark milk chocolate with tahini and sesame seeds. Award winning chocolate that is just wonderful! With a distinct flavour and texture of sesame seeds (which I love) in a rich, round but not overly sweet chocolate. Love it.

I don't eat candy or chocolate often, but I can certainly see myself get this last Tahini chocolate bar on a regular basis. Not that that is a very likely scenario since I've never seen the brand anywhere else than at Växplats Nybyn, which is only opened May - September. Probably a good thing though.

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