Monday, September 21, 2015

the 10 years blogoversary

Oh, I just realised I completely missed the 10 years blogoversary of this very blog, which took place on September 8, 2015 already. Oops.

a) It's quite a powerful thing, realising that I've been at it for 10 years already. With all the things, the ups and downs and in betweens that have happened through that decade. 

b) I'm admittely not as passionate about blogging these days (clearly, just missed a milestone blogoversary...). Or really, perhaps simply my approach has changed.

c) But I also admit the blog is now (and still) such an intricate part of my life. And work. My portfolio one might say. And even if most visitors are lurkers these days, the statistics show there is still such a thing as blog readers. Which is awfully nice of course. Hopefully this ol' blog of mine still have the capacity to inspire a few readers near and far.

Happy 10th blogoversary to me - 

and in celebration of that I'm giving away 10 colourful Prosit postcards to one reader who leaves a comment about how you found your way here, what made you return and what you most enjoy reading about. Last day to participate is October 1st - the bobbaloos will graciously choose the winner. 

Come on, stop lurking, leave a snazzy comment!


Poppy Q said...

Happy Blogoversary Miss Pia. We understand your love/hate thing. We miss seeing as many comments or visitors, but enjoy the friends we have made blogging. We love seeing your bright photos from across the seas. Love the cats and the babbaloos but miss Mr Loaf.


Julie and Poppy Q

sovica said...

Happy, happy blogoversary to you for many more to come. Thank you for shareing your thoughts and a piece of your life and cats... @>;-

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