Saturday, September 26, 2015

no oatly, not at all almost like a proper breakfast

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I'm a great fan of using oats milk when cooking and baking, but in general I'm not very fond of drinking it cold. As a grown-up I was never really a fan of drinking cow milk in a glass either, it's all a bit icky as far as I'm concerned.

But when Oatly launched these almost like a proper breakfast (pretty) oats drinks I thought I'd challenge myself and try them.

Tried them and realised I still don't like drinking oats milk cold, no matter how fancy the bottle, the pun or the flavouring is. It still is basically icky according to my taste buds.

Plus seriously not the least bit almost like a proper breakfast, more like a very quick, healthy snack.

What about the different flavours then? The superior flavour was definitely the pineapple coconut banana. Perhaps because it was kind of smoothie like and exotic.

Passionfruit mango is one of my favourite blends when it comes to beverages of various kinds, sadly it was a surprisingly bland and indistinct blend in the Oatly drink. I usually shy away from black currant flavours because to be honest I think they smell like cat pee, this one didn't and it might have been thanks to the blueberry and aronia. Still not very interesting flavourwise. At least not for my human palate, certain cats obviously beg to differ.

Have you tried them?
What did you think?

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