Friday, September 04, 2015

the friday palak paneer

There's an Indian restaurant I was first recommended on Yelp in a nearby suburb. After trying it out once I was hooked. And I totally blame the garlic nan  bread. Because it's the best garlic nan ever, generously sprinkled with fresh garlic it makes for an amazing taste experience!

The restaurant itself completely lack charm, but the food is really good and the vegetarian options plenty. We've mostly had lunches there but also dinners and the most memorable then was a wonderful pakora.

On Fridays they always serve palak paneer as the vegetarian lunch option. And even if I wish it was made of tofu or vegan cheese it still is a lovely dish. It's nice to finally have found an Indian restaurant that's worth to re-visit regularly (in general they aren't very good or authentic in Sweden). 

Do you have any decent Indian restaurant in your neighbourhood-ish?

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