Sunday, September 20, 2015

the bumblebee's last rest

At least this little fuzzy fella got a very lovely last resting place.

There are quite a few bumblebees around still, which surprise me since it's awfully late in the season. And from what I learnt by the bumblebee book - A sting in the tale by Dave Goulson - that's not a common thing in the very short life of bumblebees. Oh what have we done with the world...

I'm 1/3 through the book and while it certainly is an easy read, fascinating subject and a new learning experience I have to say that the first chapter about his childhood days and excessive animal hoarding without, obviously, parental guidance has left me with a really bad aftertaste. And sorry, but that feeling lasts no matter how well meaning and responsible the rest of the book might be.

So any animal lover out there who's thinking about reading the book, do skip that first chapter. And possibly the one where he talks about his efforts in taxidermy too.

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