Friday, June 19, 2009

daisy and cress necklaces


With true and endless love for colours and inspiration from garden's flowery delights, here are a couple of summery choker necklaces created from the cotton yarns previously found in squares. Teamed up with handmade silk ribbons I think they're quite a lovely summery feminine piece to adorn the neckline.

Above already embracing the world cress in flower bed (yellow, mandarin and relaxing green), below daisies against a blue sky (yellow, eggshell white and denim blue). Both listed in Etsy shop ~


And as I just can't stop crocheting and try out new colour combinations - but truly loath the Sisyphean challenge of fixing every silly loose yarn end, I so wish one could hire a loose yarn end fixer for the never ending task - there'll be more, much more where these came from, and not only chokers of course. Green tulips, marigolds, cornflowers, pansies and forget-me-nots to mention but a few...


~ With wishes of a lovely Midsummer ~


Heather said...

One more square = nifty headband!

heidikins said...


Happy Midsummer!


Ady Grafovna said...

These are lovely. I would like to see a picture of them on a neck though. I have never worn a necklace like this before and I am not sure how it would look.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!


Pia K said...

Oh, indeed there will be, Heather, all in due time you know...;)

Thanks, heidikins!

Thanks, Ady, I'll show a pic on neck when I've finished my personal piece. Although it definitely looks way better on a longer neck than mine, I'm aiming for long-necked-friends to pose one of these days...:)

Thanks, Paz!

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