Sunday, August 09, 2009

august weekend

Some weekends are just perfect.

The weather, the company, the outings, the food, the sightings, the encounters, the purchases, the sleep, the reads. Life. Some glimpses of my overall rather perfect weekend (details as usual in posts of their own, some sooner some later);

hazelnut and lingonberry ice cream
that tasted heavenly on a warm summer day
(and i'm not a huge fan of ice cream,
so when i say it's good, it's really good, ya' know)

steam trains (which i've never been the least bit interested in.
this one had me pretty excited for reasons unknown though.
honestly it wasn't the not so jovial train conductor)
wonderful droolworthy curiosity shops and jumble sales
sweet ol' ladies just looking irresistibly cute on a bench in the sun
birdies to share food with
a lovely sunday brunch after a lovely as always cab drive
followed by an equally lovely bike ride on a really snazzy bike
(yes i am older than five, but only slightly)

a perfect weekend is not complete
without lots of cuddles with furry, quirky characters
Hope your weekend was a grand one too ~

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