Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the beet goes on with guest artist ~ lettuce by the sea


One can always rely on vegetables to make a pretty picture. These organic red beauties will be turned into something savoury for dinner tonight.

The lettuce was an unexpected encounter by the Scanian seaside a while back. A flirtatious, stunning in green, wavy outfit kind of fellow and a veritable ladies (as in bug) magnet he was.


Have a lovely vegetable Tuesday ~


Poppy Q said...

Ohhh yumm!! We had fried cabbage tonight for tea. Boil up the cabbage. Fry an onion in olive oil, add the cooked and drained cabbage, and add some salt and lots of pepper when cooking.


Forever Feline said...

Such beautiful rich colors - yummy lovely

Pia K said...

That sounds delish, Julie, I will try!

Thanks, Forever Feline:)

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