Saturday, August 15, 2009

castle garden cat walk


The other week our paths crossed with this couple walking their kitkat kitty (a Norwegian Forrest cat I presume) in a tranquil, late afternoon castle garden. I think it was a rather awesome sight.

When I moved into my own apartment many years ago and got my two first mine all mine cats I did try and walk them in leash. They weren't very appreciative. And I don't have the patience to coax, so that was that. Now there's a free roaming garden and leash is for dog only. But when I see people walking their well behaved and curious cats like this it always makes me go very oh and ah.

Seems like one of those perfectly sweet and relaxing things to do on a peaceful Saturday.



Poppy Q said...

I have never seen anyone here walking a cat on a leash, however most cats are allowed to come and go as they please.

One flat I lived in, years and years ago, the flatmates sweet little tabby cat would walk her to work. Then he would sit under a car and wait the whole 8 hour shift til she finished, and walk her home again.

Anonymous said...

LOL! At first I didn't see the cat on the leash. I'm used to only seeing dogs on a leash. ;-)


Pia K said...

i wouldn't dream of having my cats come and go as they please in a densely populated area with lots of cars, poppy q, there are so many dangers lurking and i wouldn't ever be able to relax, so i'm glad i have the perfect fenced in garden. when you're able to have them roaming as they please, that's of course lovely!

yup, me too, paz, but when i on an odd occasion spot these companions i think it's such a great sight. there are a couple of them in the vicinity where i live, then they walk both the dog and cat, dog on leash and cat trotting along behind. now, how adorable is that?!

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