Monday, August 03, 2009

monday musings, the random sort

:: Going on a trip is always fun, but the value of returning home to a good and proper own bed should never be underestimated.

:: The inauguration of helmet and bike when wonderfully well, although feeling rickety back on the bike again it was just such a lovely old feeling pedalling away. I'm sure I looked like a green helmet fool on the loose grinning my way down the slopes, but it just felt so incredibly, rushingly good doing it again, I'm sure I will have a bit of a sore behind tomorrow, but I'm adamant to stay on good ol' bike-track again. I mean, besides obvious health benefits, khaki green helmet and pink bike with a very special, sunny basket, who wouldn't?

:: Had a brilliant day in Copenhagen last week (despite hoards of visitors, as usual); the Baresso ice latte still being the world's best, did my bit of fueling the economy (the main recipient being NoaNoa, what a surprise) which was rather dreamy and still is when I look at the sweet things I got that so perfectly fill the wardrobe gaps (I suppose some would argue there really are no gaps, but technically there always are, if not visible to less discerning eyes), had a lovely meal at a favourite restaurant that had been re-opened, the sun was shining and Copenhagen was wonderful as always. More details later.

:: I have a lot of ideas and (half finished) projects involving sewing machine, but I just can't seem to sit myself down and start sewing. Perhaps I'm feeling a dash more scatter-brained than usual, I don't know, or perhaps I'm just afraid it won't look as amazing finished in reality as it does in my head.

:: Returning to computer class later this week (yes, I do make a point of returning to work or whatever after a vacation in the middle of the week, I really can't stand having a full week immediately after all this lovely rest and mental relaxation) and right now I don't feel particularly happy about it. Even if I think it has been great fun and good learning it feels a bit definitely summer is over in a way and the course will last all the way until October. Which of course in itself is a rather smashing month. Graduation time will be by birthday gift to myself. Yes, now it all feel so much better. I just have to remind myself about that come 6.30 am in a few days. Such is life. Hopefully it will lead to something new and exciting. And not just another dead end.

:: Now. Teatime, summertime, bedtime, readtime.


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