Thursday, August 27, 2009

eating out - maltes mackor

Maltes Mackor (Malte's Sandwiches), one might think that the place is right here under the roof of undersigned, where sandwiches made are snoopervised in the most perfect way by one loaf dog extraordinaire. But it is not.

Alas, this hole-in-the-wall-eatery isn't even remotely in the vicinity of Stockholm, but can be found in Scanian town Ystad - yes, it is the town where the Henning Mankell's Wallander books take place - and they do serve some lovely coffee - although I had expected the latte art to be something extraordinary like a little bunny face, admittedly I was tad disappointed about the sad lack of that - other beverages, sandwiches, wraps and salads.


Unfortunately the menu only offers three far from exciting vegetarian options (cheese, brie and mozzarella sandwiches) so I doubt I'd be a very frequent guest if I lived nearby. However, the mozzarella (which I'm in general not all that fond of) and basilsauce sandwich was really delish. Fresh and flavourful. Between the greedy devouring of that I also think I heard that someone prefering to eat dead animal bits in the food said that was a pretty awesome sandwich too.


The chocolate muffin we shared for a simple lunch round off for the sweet tooth was also quite perfect in consistency and chocolatey flavour. Went very well with that perfect latte - smooth, creamy, full-bodied.

The outdoor seating consisted of fixed to the wall benches in the middle of a busy pedestrian shopping street. As much as I do enjoy people watching most any time I'm not all sure I like to have meals enjoyed quite as in flagrante as that though. But I am willing to give an extra plus for the endearing view of two adorable dogs, one grown and one pup on a bench, with two very much in awe dogsitter guys.


Food - 4/5 (even if the menu of course lacked a whole lot from a vegetarian point of view)
Service - 3/5
Ambiance - 2/5
Value for money - 4/5 (easy, simple, fresh, tasty)

Maltes Mackor
Stora Östergatan 12
271 34 Ystad
+46 (0)411 101 30


P.K said...

I have read two of Henning Mankell's Wallander books
and found the writing wooden, the stories seemed interesting. Could it be the translation?

Margareta said...

i would have given 5/5 for service, i eat there at least three times a week and i have never experienced anything but top notch service when the owner (at least i think he is the owner) works.

Pia K said...

Actually, P.K, I've never read a whole Mankell book myself, I really don't know why, I think I got enough from the TV-series and movies, strangely I've always thought of him as a good writer anyway, maybe because he strikes me as a sympathetic person. Anyway, in my to-read-pile is "Kinesen" (The Chinese), I'll let you know what I thought when I've read it:)

To me a 3/5 is just the nice and basic service one should expect at any place, Margareta, for me to feel a place deserves a 4 or 5 there should be something extraordinarily good about it. Then again, my views are based on a one visit to Malte's...:) Thanks for stopping by.

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