Sunday, August 16, 2009

tin dress earrings


These adorable upcycled earrings can only be described as ingenuity in recycling personified. And you really don't have to be formerly known (thank goodness and touch wood) as the tin can woman in order to be completely smitten by their perky sweetness. Two tiny dresses, made from once was a tin, dangling on a coat hanger. These well-made earrings definitely fall into the preferable category 'even cuter irl than in picture'.

A colourful plethora of recycled tin mini dresses
you'll find at shixie on Etsy



Anonymous said...

OMG! Did YOU make this? Love it!


Pia K said...

oh no, paz, i wish, i simply found them on etsy and had to have a pair. as it happens i inaugurated them today and i'm pretty certain i'm the only one in sweden owning a pair...:) for now anyway.

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