Monday, August 24, 2009

proudly presenting ~ mister frisky froggy

Unfortunately there hasn't been a lot of hedgehog spotting this summer, the food disappears, but I haven't seen this year's model since that day.

But I'm pleased to announce that there's another wee guest in garden now, the non prickly but very warty kind, Mister Frisky Froggy that lives under the terrace.


He has been in close and not very friendly combat with one liquorice fellow - the chocolate inspector, to mention but one of many important tasks -, but he seemed alright when he stopped for a quick posing before he disappeared into his dwellings. Looking mighty cute, quite a showstopper in the realm of froggy matters I should think.

' here froggy froggy, wanna come out and play...?'


Jacqueline said...

Run frog, run!

Pia K said...

and run he did, jacqueline:) but i think i've spotted an even smaller friend here too, who knows, there might be a whole frog family living under the terrace...!

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