Tuesday, August 11, 2009

yarn delight


Simply wonderful (cotton) yarn I'm planning to make some pretty pieces with asap. Doubt I'll be very adventurous as far as models and patterns go, since the yarns itself scream character, but it'll be great fun to see what becomes of these delightfully mixed colours when they turn into stitches. Haven't decided on crochet or knit yet either, but I have some ideas swirling.


The curiously irresistible mix of rust, beige, turquoise, orange and brown...


... and the perk me up lime-green-grass-forest-whiteish one.

Do you have a favourite?


Poppy Q said...

Well done on 60,000 visitors Miss Pia.

Ohhhh it is hard to choose which one is the nicest, I like them both but am probably drawn to the lime one.

Titania said...

They are both pretty cottons. I am always drawn to pretty yarns. I used to do lots of embroideries just love the silks and cottons, wools etc. It was like an avalanche I embroidered everything form napkins to cushions to table cloth. Also did a lot of knitting and crocheting! I go for the green. If you look at my newly renovated kitchen you know why!

Pia K said...

Thanks, Julie! Me too, I think. I've just finished a scarf in that one and have begun with another one in the brownish yarn, mmm...:)

Your kitchen looks lovely, Titania, I especially love the red walls, the sunny nook and your mini farm. Oh, nearly everything colourful makes me get cravings...sigh. It would be great if one had something useful to always make of it though...

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