Wednesday, August 19, 2009

fruitbike copenhagen


I thought this was such a brilliant idea in the realm of street food, an assortment of fresh fruit in a cup on a warm summer day. Found in Copenhagen (where else). I wonder if the idea will be implemented in Stockholm come next summer...?

And even if I might have the best bike in the world, I'm only interested in pedaling it, not peddling from it. I will however volunteer for eating the fruit.

Do you have a fruitbiker in your city?


aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Not quite. Although London does now have dedicated fruit stalls in some of the major train stations. Makes quite a change!

Poppy Q said...

Yum I love fresh summer fruits, strawberries, melon and pineapple!!

What a great idea.

Pia K said...

indeed it does, afos, such a simply yet perfect idea me thinks!

me too, julie, me too!

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