Thursday, August 13, 2009

thursday thoughts, the random sort

:: Been feeling quite relaxed yet focused, all over content and satisfied all week, gotten loads done. I'm pretty certain it has something to do with the bike as well as using a generous amount of Nuxe Multi Purpose Dry Oil every day.

:: Tomorrow I will finish yet another project in computer class, yay! See above for my overall relaxed and yet focused reasons for that. Reward to myself for this achievement is to start reading a new book. What will it be, what will it be, oh the sweet bliss of brand new book.

:: Still, even if I have felt this sense of peace and contentment all week, it is annoying beyond words when people's cells ring constantly in classroom.
A) One usually doesn't have to be reached all.the.time. Life was good, life worked before the cellphone era too. Really.
B) Ever heard of the mute feature?

Extra annoying when they actually don't take their calls outside classroom but continue chatting nonsense when the rest of us actually are there to learn something. These overaged teenagers (in this case middleaged women) are also chatting private stuff in between themselves oblivion to the learning process of others.

However I can't be bothered comment (complain) about their lack of consideration (anywhere else than here). See above reasons for that.

:: I find it very curious that the suppliers of the public transportation system always make a huge deal about (the growing numbers of) gate-crashers when the trains, subways and buses keep running late. When one as a commuter pay for train/subway/bus tickets (month cards) it's a tacit understanding that one pays for the transportation to run on schedule and not waste all commuters valuable time.

Minutes, quarter of an hour, half hour, hour, more, in a year that amounts to a lot of lost time. User pay for the ticket - supplier make darn sure the system runs on time, if not it's a breach of contract, hence why should users have to pay full ticket (month card). I pay my tickets (month cards), and I grump about the system. I secretly applaud the civil disobedience of gate-crashers (minus the usual slacker free-riders).

:: When the bus is full of empty seats, why do some people insist on sitting next to others unknown (me)? I really like my space and being able to read comfortably in peace, not having someone irritating rubbing against one (me). Get your own seat will you.

:: I remember when in school (stone ages) we learnt heaps of new words in the dictionary every week and had word and spelling-tests every week (in Swedish "glosprov"). I loved that. I still remember the two words I got wrong. Call me a word-nerd. I've decided to have my own private one-new-word-a-day challenge - word of today: curmudgeon.

:: Had a conversation a while back about my job applications. Hot tip was that I really should curb my enthusiasm while applying, because The Employer's view on such energetic applications is 'how will this qualified and motivated person cope with the every day dullness of work?'. Silly me for thinking employers were looking for motivated, creative, passionate employees.

:: I've always wondered who exactly gets on and off at those strange bus stops you see in the middle of nowhere. Or seemingly nowhere. The living-under-the-tree-people? The gnomes, the trolls, the fairies?

:: As one (me) don't have a 9-5 life one (me) don't use as much of the wardrobe content as one (me) used to. Despite my closet cleaning episodes I still do have lots and lots of lovely garments I'm very fond of and want to wear. It's just that these days usually I don't have all that many obvious opportunities to wear them (unless I see it fit to strut around the garden, mow the lawn, walk the dog in snazzy suits and pretty dresses).

So with this above course episode I've decided that I'm going to keep an outfit diary. Just for myself - certainly no sharing of outfit-of-the-day photos online, been there, done that, it wasn't much fun really - to make sure I make the most of my wardrobe and combinations. Just because pretty clothes make me happy too, seeing them, wearing them. Indeed all this rekindle with outfits buzz might have something to do with the aforementioned feeling of contentment, relaxed focus and sweet satisfaction. I admit to being shallow that way, call me multilayered.


Heather said...

I am also looking for the next book to read and have decided to search your recommendations to decide. As for the wardrobe, between pregnancies, working from home (and never leaving the front door), and living in a much too casual 'beach community', I have a closet full of things that never see the light of day. Lonely clothes just waiting for some purpose.

Pia K said...

oh, do that, heather, i'd love to hear what you think of whatever you chose (hopefully you'll think it to be amazing of course:)! i do hope all those lovely garments will find a purpose in a not too far future, it's such a waste, when you want them, like them, but still just don't have the right opportunity or the fit-at-the-moment...

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