Monday, August 31, 2009

sheep necklace

Being not only a Scorpio, but also a Sheep - if you believe in the traits that supposedly come with that, that's another issue I suppose -, hence this amazing little needle felted mutton necklace (!) was quite a must for perking up any gloomy Autumn day to come. Yes, anything, within reason, to chase away the blue feeling.

I'm not only sheep in sign I also think that these animals are quite, quite praiseworthy as they give us humans so much with their wool and their cute, friendly characters (as a vegetarian I of course shy away from the other 'unpleasantries' humans subject sheep to...).


I've been oogling, sighing over Motley Mutton's amazingly sweet and funny little creations for quite some time, languish for to call one of them my very own. And then suddenly this little fellow of a sheep spoke to me. About 55 mm in height she swings on a nylon cord, has the most adorable expression with a smiling face and I've named her - yes I have - Molly.

As tomorrow is the official, sigh, first day of Autumn in Sweden (September 1st) I believe it's quite befitting to have a little woolly friend accompany me in the morning. And every time I touch her wooly little comforting boy resting on my neck I just know I will feel all smiley and pleased for having another little furry friend in my life.


See more of Motley Mutton's talented,
quirky work in her Etsy shop ~


P.K said...

Molly is very very cute!

Pia K said...

thanks, p.k, glad you think so too!

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