Tuesday, August 04, 2009

the lawyer, the document and the runaway text


Needless to say really, something with such a name obviously grabbed my immediate must-have-attention. A sweet and curious bracelet (a varnished illustration on an aluminium skeleton lined with felt) spoke to me. It's just a really lovely, unusual piece and fit comfortably on wrist.

In a perfect world I would have liked the bracelet to be not larger but slightly longer, covering more of my wrist, but then again it's a delicate work and that would probably make it so much harder to slid the bracelet on wrist without cracking the varnish.

Edit: on having used it a few times I unfortunately have to say I find the bracelet rather faulty and inconvenient in construction, it has to be watched very carefully as it constantly threatens to slip off the wrist. I love the idea and the looks, but sadly it suffers for not having a proper locking mechanism.


The bracelet could of course not travel all alone in a box and a bag across the ocean, that would simply not do, so with it came a really sweet brooch called "how to write a story" - which tells the exciting beginning of a story about a penguin who loves lox bagels, movies and gazing at the stars.

More fun, thought provoking, quirky items like this you find at Tilly Bloom on Etsy, a shop that has a lot of ingeniously absurd stuff happening.

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