Sunday, August 23, 2009

sunday philosophy not in club

:: Even if I have had a rather sweet weekend I wish it would be three days long instead of measly two. As last week progressed I noticed an increase in absentmindedness; I knew I had put some clean underwear somewhere 'clever' I just couldn't find them when I got dressed in the morning. When I got home I found them prancing on the stove.

Well, at least I don't think I'll ever get as absent minded as an ex-friend, she put the dirty equivalent in fridge. The ex- in friend has nothing to do with that bit of her personality though.

:: I recently read an interview with a HR person, she said that she always look for well-groomed people, and she'd never hire anyone with neglected feet. If you're not ready to take care of yourself, what does that say about your willingness to care for the job your hired to do? I presume she does look at people's feet in summer shoes, if not the interviews would be a rather awkward thing. But I really think she has a valid point and I wholeheartedly (and then some) agree with her on neglected feet. I truly loath cheese rind feet. Ugh.

:: Is it petty when a shop refuses to give a minor refund on a purchase that would have cost less if the salesperson had been informed about the marked down price?

It does kind of bugs me that on the one hand they were willing to give me an extra 10% off a purchase the day after, when I remarked that I thought it was *rather* unjust to not give returning customers in shop that extra 10% the webshoppers got. I had asked the exact same question in shop the previous day and the only reason I didn't get that extra % off was obviously that the salesperson didn't know. And when I asked again I got such a it's-so-difficult-to-give-a-refund-afterwards-drivel reply I couldn't believe it.

Yes a trifle, but also trifles can be such nuiscances.

:: I find it mind baffling, appalling and completely inconceivable that in a country so willing to pour money into the war machinery there can be such nasty and uneducated views and uproar about a national health insurance. Quite heartbreaking really.

:: Having said that I think it's rather endearing that someone in the same country's government energy department likes to-have the time to read about the world's best vanilla bun.

:: As much as I rather enjoyed the early mornings (says me, postergirl for night owl) public transportation system - and all the reading that could be done to-from-from-to - during the summer vacation months, that enjoyment has seized to exist. I really loath rush hours, rude people and I'm just so not a 9-5 person. I'm effective, I work hard, am a quick and eager learner, just so not 9-5.

:: I really, really, really want my hair to grow long-long again, the curious thing though is that the longer hair gets the more inclined I am to wear it up instead of down. Or perhaps it's just that during the warm season it's just so practical to wear it in ponytail, braid or bun and oh, all the lovely hairclips...

:: I find all the superfluos English phrases in otherwise Swedish narrated commercials, 'the diamond standard', 'because you're worth it', 'amazing' etc etc and so forth ridiculous beyond belief. Not only do the phrase rarely have something to do with the product they boosting, they utter the phrase in lingua Swenglish. And as far as I know we are still in Sweden, having a main language that we still speak on a daily basis.

:: Found a wee dead magpie lying on the bicycle road. It always pains me to see dead animals by the road like that, a little life lost - often just because people are in such a rush and can't be bothered to drive carefully - and who knows if there's a family who waits for its return home in vain. We put her/him in the trench, said a few words and put a flower beside him/her. I hope the little soul will find a new sweet home.

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