Wednesday, August 05, 2009

wednesday with hälge


Here follow a cavalcade in pictures of one loaf birthday celebrated in (reasonable) style. Enter new exciting squeaker friend, Hälge. Or for in English only readers, Elkie, as in "elk = älg".


hälge up front


hälge profile (resemblance to gift receiver is quite remarkable)


hälge snatched from photo session by not very patient birthday boy


birthday boy and hälge en in the sun


taking a still-guarding-hälge-half-nap


there was a bacon flavoured vegetarian marrow bone as a treat. only half success, should have opted for the beloved greenies instead.


seriously clever looking birthday boy and hälge
yes, three days later, hälge still squeaks.


P.K said...

that is one very happy birthday boy, he looks like an absolute delight. I've never seen a squeaker like that, exclusive to Sweden?

Poppy Q said...

Malte, Halge looks like a great toy. Just the perfect size for you to carry.

Pia K said...

thanks, p.k, the toy is made in germany by a company called trixie. these so called 'superheavy latex toys' are usually very durable compared to other squeakers.

it really is, poppy q, and cute too:)

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