Friday, August 21, 2009

weekending goodness

Usually not one to make a big fuss about the weekend - small celebrations and appreciations every day is more my style - but come today, I found myself really tired, worn, lacking in concentration in desperate need for some r&r. Hence thank goodness it's this Friday!

The weather has sadly and suddenly turned rather autumnish, still being August I find it heartbreaking really. As much as I am looking forward inaugurating my new-on-great-sale-versatile-gorgeous-piece-of-autumn-spring-even-winter-if-it's-a-mild-one-coat *phew*, I so do not want summer to end this sudden, this early. I hope for many lovely Indian summer days to come!

But in honour of the next to last proper summer weekend I have a perfect (as always) plan -

If weather permitted not only to have divine sleep-ins, but ride the bike, visit the other two lovely new local cafés in this rural suburb - I'm very nearly over the moon about the curious fact that suddenly we're blessed with not only one, or two, but three new, quite different from each other waterholes within bike, walking, driving range. Think globally, act locally, they clearly need support and I'm game. Yes of course they'll have their own blog posts to come... - spending time with the loaf and the furries, finish a few books, knitting, watching movies, window washing and hopefully make a few stitches with the sewing machine... Just about everything one can jam into a weekend without it feeling crowded and busy. I hope.

I did start the weekend today with a bike ride and a nice lunchish thing at the third local waterhole, so I can at least tick a couple of my planned-weekend-boxes.


~ have a lovely weekend out there ~

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