Wednesday, December 09, 2009

december 9th - city cake


Santa was decapitated shortly after posing for picture. He didn't protest too much and tasted lovely (thank you, Santa). So did his throne of covered in pink cream pastry. I was treated to tea and cake at the City Mission café in Old Town - which was quite delightful. Luckily we escaped the premises just before the invasion of starved cake eaters begun.

It was yet another nasty gloomy, damp day in Stockholm. So far December hasn't offered - with one exception - more sun than the all time low November did.

On the very sunny other side of the seasonal coin is the fact that the Christmas cards arrived yesterday and oh they are quite wonderful, the colour reproduction overall reasonable, the cropping overall good. Not a lot left to be desired like last year. I'm so pleased. Let the Christmas cards-writing begin!


sapphire said...

It has definitely been a dumpy month. UGH.

Was your Santa cake like the Princess Tårta?

Anonymous said...

What a nice treat!


Pia K said...

kind of, sapphire, but without the raspberry jam and less cake, more cream/custard and with less sugary marzipan.

indeed it was, treats that can make a day, paz:)

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