Saturday, September 25, 2010

aussie take the heat


The kind Aussie fairies left a surprise goodie bag of products in my letterbox the other week. Admittedly I less than rarely use a blow dryer these days, years even. Wash and air dry is pretty my hair melody regardless of weather and temperature so this new Aussie haircare series that's being launched in Sweden now may not be up my useful hair alley - because it's about protecting the hair against heat damage from dryers and hair-curlers, -irons and the likes.

As I've
mentioned before, I am sceptical of the usefulness of many bottles to keep hair in good condition, but apart from the shampoo and conditioner, and the 3 minute miracle (which is one exception to my Aussie fandom, me and my hair are not fans), the Take the Heat range also include a leave-in styling spray as well as a leave-in cream. Which may or may not be useful for some hair/users.

As with most Aussie products these smell divine (Australian jojoba-seed oil being a caring ingredient in this series) and I'm quite certain that for those that do use heat and drying to style hair the Take the Heat-series from Aussie is well-worth trying.

Myself I'm going to try this
Aussie series not for its heat-damage-protection features, just for the love of the brand. And the gorgeous scent. And that's good enough for me. And my wisps.


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Kea said...

We have the Aussie brand here, but I'm not sure about the "Take the Heat" line. I don't pay a lot of attention to hair products and don't really use anything beyond shampoo and conditioner, sometimes a leave-in anti-frizz on humid days.

I DO have to blow dry and style my hair, at least a bit, otherwise the waves and flips are ghastly-looking, but on muggy or damp days it's wasted effort, as the walk (or even partial walk) to work ruins it all anyway. LOL.

Good luck trying the products; perhaps you'll give us a review in a few weeks?

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