Tuesday, September 28, 2010



Pythagoras, not as in the ancient Greek philosopher (the one with the theorem) but Pythagoras as in a nifty little industrial museum - if you're into such things, which I'm not, but never mind, I'll blog a wee post about it anyway. And if you want to read/know more the Pythagoras website is THE thing - situated in small town Norrtälje.

This hot bulb engine factory was founded in 1898 and came to an end in 1979. During the 1980ies a group of enthusiasts worked hard with making Pythagoras into what it is today, a working museum. Situated rather lovely with fine views over town. Apparently the place has been listed as one very important "remaining intact industrial site for the foundation and development of Sweden as an industrial nation"
. *As if I care*


In an adjacent building there's a nice little café and shop - well, that's certainly more interesting than a yawn inducing industrial museum... - where I found this cool pair of earrings ~


behold, triple steel nut earrings, made in the factory's turret lathe. That's pretty darn cool and unique, I believe. Don't think there're a lot of people sporting these quirky cuties.


If you happen to be more into industrial museums than earrings (weirdo), then the museum is most probably worth a visit, and if you're more into earrings and cafés (good people), then you can wait in café and make a very reasonable investment in a pair of industrial earrings. Yes, the place obviously cater for all.


Pythagoras Industrimuseum
Verkstadsgatan 6, Norrtälje
+46 (0)176 - 100 50
open Sat-Sun 12 - 15 (noon - 3pm)


Kea said...

I do like those earrings! I really love funky, different jewelry.

heidikins said...

I like the earrings, but I *love* the museum!


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